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Making Valentine’s Day special the right way


Valentines’ Day celebrations don’t always have to blow a hole in your wallet. Rather than spending your way to the perfect Valentines’, finding new ways to speak your significant other on this day may be a better way to show your appreciation for them.

By coward_lion

Learning to speak your partner’s love language can result in better connected, stronger relationships

The five ‘love languages’ were first written about by bestselling author Dr Gary Chapman, whose book on the topic became a New York Times bestseller. He posits that there are five ways to express and experience love, which differs from person to person, and learning to “speak” your significant other’s love language can help to build and strengthen a long-term relationship.

Acts of Service

Anytime someone makes an effort to do something for you, no matter how mundane, it is an act of service. From helping with the dishes and homework to taking you out for a special treat. Speakers of this language feel valued and loved when others serve them without any obligation to do so.

If your significant other speaks this love language, try to help out more in their lives, such as cleaning the house so they come home to a welcoming environment. Modern appliances like the Electrolux Ergorapido BRC and Rapido wet & dry vacuums are extremely convenient to grab and use for an impromptu cleaning.

Physical Touch

This may not necessarily mean that the person is very touchy feely. The key is well-timed, thoughtful hugs, pats on the back and touches on the arm to show concern, excitement, care and love. Your physical presence and accessibility are crucial. Appropriate touches communicate warmth, safety and love.

Quality Time

Give speakers of this language your undivided attention. So put down the smartphone, turn off the TV and be fully there for them. You will deepen your connection with your significant other through sharing time.

Receiving Gifts

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Doing the housework for your loved ones is an Act of Service and may mean more to them than giving them gifts.

People who love receiving gifts aren’t necessarily materialistic. What a receiver of gifts is after is simply the love, thoughtfulness and effort behind the gift. So there’s no need to splurge on an expensive gift, but one that acknowledges them and tells them that cared for and prized over what was sacrificed to give the gift.

Don’t forget special dates with such a person or give them thoughtless, hasty gifts. A handmade, personalized gift may express your love better for this person than expensive dinners and chocolates.

Words of Affirmation

People who need words of affirmation need compliments. To them, actions may not always be louder than words. So tell them “I love you”, and why. Be careful with what you say to them, for insults are not easily forgotten. Use kind, encouraging words to build them up.

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