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Keeping the peace with your housemates


Living with new people can be challenging. Everything from paying the bills, cleaning up the house or even having visitors over for a period of time can be a cause for disagreements. But sharing a home – and rent – is becoming more commonplace as individuals start leaving the family nest to strike it out on their own. A peaceful co-existence, however, may not be too hard to achieve.


Be sure to live with people you can talk to easily. Regardless of how close your relationship is, you need to be able to tell each other when you are upset by something at home.

Ergorapido BRC
The Ergorapido BRC makes it easy to clean the home in a jiffy with its grab and go design, as well as its detachable hand vacuum for different surfaces.

This also ties into divvying up the responsibilities. When it’s just two people, a 50-50 split is easy to achieve. Modern appliances like the Electrolux Ergorapido BRC vacuum with its lightweight grab and go design makes it easy to clean the home anytime, no matter whose turn it is.

Agree on the bills

It can be messy trying to figure who uses what more, so the easiest thing when it comes to paying the monthly bills is simply to split it evenly.

Groceries, however, can be more personal. Be sure to agree from the start on how to handle groceries. If one person tends to eat more than their fair share, you may want to avoid sharing and splitting food costs. The same goes for someone who may love to cook and throw regular dinner parties.

You’ll also want to avoid eating your roommate’s food without asking – it’s as bad as not doing your share of the chores. The best way to avoid confusion may be to shop separately, with different sections of the fridge for each other’s groceries.

The flexibility of the FlexFresh fridge’s shelving makes it easy to separate storage spaces for yourself and your roommate.

The Electrolux Flexfresh refrigerator is designed with flexible shelving that allows you to easily organise your groceries into different sections to avoid mix ups.

Respect each other’s’ space – and things

Always be respectful of your roommate’s space. Boundaries can be blurred when living with family, so you may need to take extra care when living with others. Always knock first, and be mindful of each other’s lifestyles. Your roommate may not be a morning person, or they may not appreciate you bringing guests home.

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