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Clean up with these four handy vac tricks


Vacuums are extremely useful appliances when it comes to regular cleaning of dust and dirt around the home. Sometimes however, we may find ourselves wishing they could extend their cleaning prowess to even more situations.  Here are some new and novel ideas for using your vac outside of your usual cleaning routine.  

Cleaning your computer keyboard

By john_a_ward
Cleaning between the keys of a keyboard can be made easier with the tapered top of a ketchup squeeze bottle.

If you find it a pain to have to keep running a q-tip or tissue through your keyboard, try looking for the top of a squeeze bottle that’s commonly used for ketchup. Look for the tops that are tapered at the end.

Attach the squeeze bottle top to the end of a vacuum hose. Secure it with tape if it doesn’t fit tightly. Now you have a convenient cleaner for cleaning between the keys of your keyboard. You can also use crevice tools with thin openings for handheld vacuums to suck up dirt on a keyboard. The Electrolux Rapido comes with a handy crevice tool attachment designed to clean tight spots.

Extend your vacuum’s reach

For people with vacuum hoses that don’t quite reach the length they need for hard-to-reach spots like the ceiling, PVC piping and duct tape could save the day. Simply attach a length of a PVC pipe to the end of the vacuum hose and seal the seam with duct tape. Now you can reach up or in as far as you like.

Vacuum cleaners like the Electrolux UltraActive remove the need for additional length with its extra-long cord and telescopic tube that can be extended when needed. This saves you time and effort while cleaning even hard-to-reach areas.

Unclogging drains

By tilfeldig
Wet & Dry vacuums with blower functions can help to unclog a stuck drain in a jiffy.

Have something stuck down your household drain? Break out a wet & dry vacuum like the Electrolux Z931 Flexio II. These vacuums have a blower function that can send powerful bursts of air to blow out the drain’s clog.

Retrieving small objects

By Mannia&Titta
Valuable small items like earrings can be picked up by placing a stocking over the vacuum hose, preventing it from being sucked into the vacuum.

If you’ve lost a small but valuable item like earrings, but you’re not sure where, try putting a stocking over the vacuum hose. It’ll still let miniscule particles through, but it’ll stop larger objects like an earring from going into the vacuum. Now you can forage around tight spots in search of that missing item.

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