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Homemade sauces that go perfectly with any roast

A tender, juicy roast deserves to be accompanied by more than just ready-made mustard or ketchup.

Cheese, whiskey’s new best friend

Whiskey is a drink best sipped socially, with friends or as a celebratory drink on important occasions. It can also be a great drink to pair with cheese if you want to have an inspired, indulgent finale to a meal.

4 professional kitchen technologies that can be found at home

Eating out these days doesn’t always guarantee a better meal. As cooking technologies develop, appliances that can match the performance of those in restaurants have been steadily making their way into home kitchens.

Vegetable-based cakes to indulge a sweet tooth

The next time you’re looking for a cake with a difference, look no further than your garden’s greens. Vegetables can add a natural sweetness and texture to cakes, while adding a good dose of fibre to your diet. Such cakes can also be a great way to get kids eating their greens, and enjoying them.

Gifting for your next party’s hosts

We’ve all been there. You pay an old friend a visit and were treated to some great hospitality. You want to give them a gift, but can’t think of anything beyond a bottle of wine.

The quick guide to shrub cocktails

If you’re looking for a cocktail with a difference to serve your guests, consider taking out that bottle of vinegar from your kitchen.

Pairing beers to enhance desserts

The next time you’re handed the drinks list with your dessert menu, don’t skip over the beer section.

Welcome touches for a great guest room

When you have guests staying over for the night, a few touches to the room they’re staying in can make it feel like their home away from home. You don’t have to roll out the red carpet – just a few extra touches can make your home feel extra welcoming.

Getting truly fresh stir-fries with home grown veggies

Growing your own veggies at home isn’t as difficult as you may think. It also means you can stop worrying about the pesticides used in commercial farms and the cost of buying organic. Once you know how, it’s simply a matter of waiting a few weeks to have fresh produce for dinner.

Easy tips for fresh smelling clothing

Every wardrobe has a couple of pieces that are rarely worn. Storing them for extended periods of time can result in musty smelling clothes and the problem is further exacerbated by a humid climate that encourages moisture in the environment.