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Pairing beers to enhance desserts


The next time you’re handed the drinks list with your dessert menu, don’t skip over the beer section.

Beer can be your dessert’s best companion and you don’t even have to be an expert to taste the chocolate, caramel, coffee and fruit flavours that abound in a good pint.

When entertaining at home, simply keep chilled bottles of beer handy in refrigerators like the Electrolux EQE6307SA, whose extra wide door bin was designed to store all your favourite beverages for easy consumption. Its oversized interior can also accommodate large dessert platters, making it easy to deliver a memorable ending to any dinner party. Now all that’s left is choosing the right beer and dessert pairings.

Know the sweetness level

The sugar in a dessert will affect the taste of the beer that is drunk with it. If the dessert is especially sugary, it can cause the wrong beer to taste dry. Too much sugar can also cause it to taste overly bitter and acidic.

Fruit beer
By edwin.bautista
Fruit beers pair well with many desserts, especially fruit-based ones.

To remedy this, ensure the beer is just as sweet or sweeter than its accompanying dessert. Fruit or honey-flavoured beers are ideal. Chocolate or oatmeal stouts can also go well with desserts.

Don’t get too intense

Serving increasingly intense beverages as the meal progresses is a common guideline for pairings.

With beers however, serving beers with very strong flavours can end up overpowering the dessert. Strong beers are best saved for rich and fatty desserts. A strong stout, for example, can be paired well with a dense chocolate cake. But served with a lighter dessert, and you’ll find that all you can taste is the stout.

By Bernt Rostad
Stouts pairs well with chocolate and dense, rich desserts.

If you find yourself unsure, play it safe by pairing the dessert with beers that have less bitterness and alcohol.

Look at the ingredients

As a general rule, stouts and porter beers complement chocolate-based desserts well with their coffee-like and chocolate flavours. If the dessert is particularly sweet though, it may bring out the bitterness of these dark beers instead.

So look for beers with fruit or caramel flavours that might complement the chocolate in a sweet dessert. For fruit-based desserts, look for lighter beers such as German wheat ales. Hefeweizens, dunkelweizens and weizenbocks can match well with an apple pie. Sweet fruit beers can also go well with fruit-based desserts like lemon pound cake.

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