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Gifting for your next party’s hosts


We’ve all been there. You pay an old friend a visit and were treated to some great hospitality. You want to give them a gift, but can’t think of anything beyond a bottle of wine.

What if you’re on an extended stay? What’s appropriate to show your appreciation when you may not know your host that well?  Fortunately, gifting as a show of appreciation doesn’t have to be complicated. The size or price of a gift is insignificant, as long as the person likes it.

Dinner Parties

When invited to a dinner party, you can’t go wrong with food or beverages. Although don’t expect it to be served while you’re there. If it’s shared, wait till everyone else has a chance to try it first. Allow the host or hostess to tell everyone where it came from.

By ShardsOfBlue
Homemade cookies presented in a tin can show your appreciation for a dinner party hosted by a friend.

Whether it’s a cake, pie and other munchies, you don’t have to run out and splurge. With ovens like the Electrolux Inspiration range of ovens, baking a great cake, cookies or pie is easy, with its Ultrafan Plus feature that helps any baked good turn out evenly and perfectly cooked. Be sure to present it in a tin or box that can be easily stored should the host choose to save it for another day.

If you don’t want to bring food, gifts like a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine can also suffice.

Seasonal parties

Food basket
By SherryCreates
A food basket is a suitable gift for someone hosting you overnight – just make sure the host can consume it.

A party during the holidays are perfect for giving your host gifts. Many holidays feature celebration through gift giving, with the festive celebration setting a theme for the gift.  Holiday themed baked goods and gift baskets are always welcome, or a liqueur that matches the season – such as a mint-flavoured beverage for Christmas.

Overnight stays

If your host is putting you up for the night, or several nights, you’ll need to step up on the gift.

You could give items you’ll be using while staying there, or something the host or hostess might enjoy later.

Consider items like a spa basket, bathrobes (buy a matching set if you are being hosted by a married couple), a gourmet food basket, premium wines, or even something decorative for their home.

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