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4 professional kitchen technologies that can be found at home


Eating out these days doesn’t always guarantee a better meal. As cooking technologies develop, appliances that can match the performance of those in restaurants have been steadily making their way into home kitchens.

As the partner to almost 50% of Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe, Electrolux has the benefit of the experiences of top chefs and culinary professionals in adapting professional appliances to home kitchens, ensure that eating in has never been more delicious.

Hotter flames

Cooking hobs like the Electrolux Maxiflame provide higher heat through its unique triple ring burner design. This allows it to match the flames used in restaurants and street food stalls, so you can whip up stir-fries with the unique, smoky “wok hei” taste. Or you could use its precise dual valve controls to bring that double-boiled soup to a rolling boil, before lowering it to a consistent simmer for best cooking results.

Gorgeous ventilation

Gone are the ugly steel boxes hanging over your head as you cook. Like those in high-end restaurants, home cooker hoods today are seeing increasingly imaginative modern designs that still go over and beyond in getting the ventilation job done. Hoods like the Electrolux EFC928GAR are a prime example, with its stylish glass and stainless steel design providing a strong visual focus for your kitchen. Its high extraction power, coupled with its power boost feature will clear kitchens of any grease or odours in half the time.

Steam combination ovens

Inspiration oven
The Electrolux Inspiration Steam Combination oven utilises technology from professional kitchen appliances.

These ovens combine a variety of cooking functions in one appliance. From the dry heat of convection, to water-based steam cooking these ovens offer an endless variety of cooking methods and combinations.

The Electrolux Air-o-Steam Touchline combination oven is used in Michelin star restaurants, and its steam combination technology has been adapted for use in Electrolux ovens for the home.

The Electrolux Inspiration steam combination oven, for example, offers three levels of steam cooking. This means you can cook a juicy roast chicken using the steam function, then use a high dry heat to make its skin crispy – all without drying the meat out. A steam combination oven’s slow cooking function can also be used to cook food sous vide, or get steaks to just the right doneness.

Efficient and flexible refrigeration

Refrigerators are increasingly becoming more versatile. The Electrolux FlexFresh range of refrigerators allows you to customise your fridge’s storage spaces, while its multi-airflow system ensures all areas remain at a consistent temperature. The Electrolux Nutrifresh ups the game with its Nutrilight feature, which enhances the vitamin and mineral content in produce, keeping them fresher for longer.

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