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Foods that help with blood sugar management


Balancing our glucose or sugar levels is a critical factor in maintaining our health and preventing heart disease.  High blood sugar levels are caused by overconsumption of rich, sugary and fatty foods, and can lead to diabetes and damage to the heart in the long term. Fortunately, eating to regulate your blood sugar comes with a host of other benefits, such as weight loss and higher, more consistent energy levels.

Low GI carbs

Unrefined carbohydrates like brown rice and oatmeal have a low glycemic index and are ideal for keeping you feeling full throughout the day. As they are digested more slowly, they provide a steadier source of energy and keep us feeling fuller for longer. This helps us to regulate our blood sugar, preventing energy spikes and crashes; while also helping us eat less throughout the day.

By TheCulinaryGeek
Oatmeal is a low GI carbohydrate which is slowly digested for energy throughout the day.

Low GI carbs tend to be high in soluble fibre and the resulting weight loss helps to significantly improve glucose control in the body.  Rice cookers like the Electrolux ERC2201 come with multi-functional cooking capabilities, allowing you to cook brown rice, oatmeal or barley that can easily match their refined counterparts in both taste and texture for the family to enjoy.

Non-starchy vegetables

Non-starchy vegetables
By Sylvi
When trying to balance blood sugar levels, take more green vegetables for fibre rather than starchy ones like potatoes.

If you’re looking to regulate your blood sugar levels, avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn. Go for non-starchy greens like broccoli, spinach and green beans instead. These are high in fibre and low in carbohydrates.  The Electrolux Nutrifresh range of refrigerators, with its Nutrilight feature, can help to increase the vitamin and mineral content of such vegetables, ensuring you get the most out of every portion.

Lean Meats

Proteins don’t affect blood sugar levels as much as carbohydrates, and in proper proportions, lean meats like chicken breast and seafood are good choices for those suffering from diabetes. Meat is also a source of the mineral chromium, which enables insulin to function properly and helps the body to metabolise carbs better.

Sparkling Water

If you find yourself reaching for sugary soft drinks throughout the day, consider sparkling water instead. Sugar-free carbonated H2O can take away the desire for a bubbly drink.  To really jazz up your sparkling water, simply add fruit juices such as orange or apple to create a refreshing and healthy alternative.

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