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5 things kids can learn from the kitchen


Parents in Asia understand the importance of teaching their kids to cook. 75% of parents in the recent Electrolux Asia Pacific Food Survey indicated that they have taught their children to prepare meals or have made it a top priority.

Cooking together in the kitchen can be one of the most valuable activities a family can do together, no matter their ages. Children as young as three can start by helping to wash vegetables and at five, mix and measure ingredients.  At eight years of age, they can even help to cook simple dishes.

Inspiration oven
The Inspiration oven comes with a 3 layer safety glass door that makes it cool to the touch – and safe for kids – even during operation.

Today’s kitchen appliances make it easier and safer for kids to take part in meal preparation more than ever. From the Electrolux Inspiration oven range, whose three-layer cool glass door makes it cool to the touch even when the oven is in operation, to the Electrolux Powermix Silent, whose noise reduction features allow smoothie making to be a fun an enjoyable experience for all.  With the right appliances, you can create the right environment for them to learn some valuable life lessons.

Confidence and experimentation

Cooking builds self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment in kids who can see (and consume) the results of their labour. When others like what they’ve cooked, it gives them a sense of pride and achievement.

Kitchen island
(From Electrolux)
Involving kids in meal preparation can make them more willing to try new foods.

They are also more likely to eat what they’ve cooked, so it can be a good way to introduce new foods and tastes like vegetables or different cuisines.  Through experimenting with new recipes, they may discover that they enjoy avocados in guacamole and chickpeas in hummus.

Reading, math and chemistry skills

The art of getting a recipe right involves having the skills to read the step-by-step instructions in a recipe as well as calculate and measure the right amount of ingredients. This can teach kids everything from fractions in measuring flour to geometry in choosing the right size pan.

You can also teach them basic chemistry skills, such as learning why marshmallows turn brown when exposed to heat; or how cooking with different temperatures or ingredients can produce different outcomes. Add in tangible results and foods they love and cooking may just become the most enjoyable lessons your children can have.

Learning about different cultures

Rather than give your kids a history lecture, why not teach them about Chinese New Year while preparing longevity noodles, or Diwali when making a Kheer pudding. As cooking engages all of their senses, it could be an effective and fun way of teaching them more about other cultures.


* The Electrolux Asia Pacific Food Survey was conducted in 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific, with over 5,000 participants taking part. 

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