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Putting together the ultimate Easter egg decorating party


Celebrate Easter with some fun for everyone. An Easter egg decorating party can make for a fun and memorable gathering that kids and adults alike can enjoy. The eggs can even be used later for an Easter Egg Hunt activity. And it’s all surprisingly easy to put together.

Hard boil the eggs

Prepare the eggs for the party beforehand by hard boiling them. Keep in mind that using eggs that are three to five days old can make it easier to peel the eggs if they are to be consumed later.

Egg Party
By ((brian))
An Easter egg decorating party is surprisingly easy to throw. All you need are eggs, food dyes and some crayon or wax to create beautiful patterns.

It’s quick and easy to boil up a large batch of eggs with cooking hobs like the Electrolux Brio, whose efficient Penta-jet burners can bring pots of water to boil a third faster than typical cooking hobs.

Dye and marbleise

When choosing food dyes, keep the rainbow in mind. Keep it light and bright, and a few dunks can give the egg a bright, solid colour.

If you want to give the eggs extra style, there are several fun ways to create patterns or designs on the eggs.  One way drawing designs on them with crayons or wax before dyeing them. The wax won’t absorb the dye colour, so the designs will show through.   Or simply tie rubber bands of different sizes around the eggs before dyeing to create a tie-dyed effect.

Marbleized egg
By Jenn @ Frugal Upstate

Creating unique marble patterns on an egg is as easy as adding vegetable oil to a cup of dye.

For a really unique and stylised effect, marbleize the eggs by coating them in swirly shades of colour. Simply add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to a cup filled with a darker coloured dye and run a fork through the mixture.   Dip the egg into the oil mixture and turn it with a spoon before removing and drying it on a paper towel.


Once the eggs are dried, let the kids personalise their eggs further with stickers. These can take the form of Easter icons or letters to signify which egg belongs to whom.

As a final touch, give the children a handmade nest or basket to place the eggs in. You can quickly create a “nest” with using some paper grass.  Just shred some colourful tissue or paper bags, and use them to fill the “nests”. Now the kids have a colourful takeaway for Easter.

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