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Real food meals for a camping trip


Camping can be a fun family activity for the weekend, or even serve as a short getaway from civilization. There’s no need to load up on just beans and sausages however. With a bit of preparation at home, you can still eat well while staying in touch with nature.

Beef stew

Prepare the ingredients for this easy beef stew at home. Place the meat, red  wine  and  seasoning  in a bag, seal and mix well. This mixture can be kept  in  the  refrigerator  for  up  to  48  hours  before cooking at your campsite, so you can plan accordingly and prepare the stew’s ingredients.

The Electrolux  FlexFresh refrigerator comes with bag clips that allow you to  hang and store bags straight from the market. This nifty storage option gives  you more flexibility and accessibility when preparing both short and long  term  meals  Before cooking, just place the ingredients in a dutch oven or cooking pot, cover with water and enjoy the resulting stew.








Camping Stew
By katiebordner
Cornbread and stews can be an easy and delicious meal for a camping trip.


While you can eat stews on their own, they can be enhanced by having some cornbread on the side. Cornbread can be easily made in a dutch oven or cast iron  skillet  on-site, but it means packing and traveling with the various ingredients needed for it.

It may be easier to bake the cornbread at home before heading out. The Electrolux Inspiration range of ovens has an Ultrafanplus feature that ensures any bread or cake will be evenly cooked. This also ensures you’ll get perfectly baked cornbread at camp.











By Meal Makeover Moms
Egg frittatas can be baked in individual portions at home and heated up at the campfire.

Another handy and nutritious meal option that can be easily prepared in advance and heated up on-site.   Simply mix 10 eggs with one onion, 900 grams of chopped sausages and sliced mushrooms in a large bowl. Ladle the mixture into small disposable foil pans – just large enough for individual portions.   Bake at 180oC for about 35 minutes, or until the top is lightly browned, and cover with aluminium foil. Keep refrigerated until you leave for the campsite.

To enjoy them at camp, simply place the individual portions onto the hot coals  of  your campfire. You can even sprinkle and melt shredded cheese on top for added flavour.

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