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Get more out of your microwave with these tips


There are few kitchen appliances more maligned than the microwave, which can be so much more than a mere heater for leftovers and for popping popcorn. It can fry, dry, blanch and even steam dishes in just minutes.

The Electrolux EMS3067X convection microwave oven comes with a rotary dial control that allows you to easily customise cooking temperatures and times. Designed for ease of, all that’s needed is a simple understanding of heat settings and you’ll be able to cook a variety of delicious dishes quickly and easily in it.













The Electrolux EMS3067X convection microwave oven can cook dishes using a variety of techniques such as grilling and steaming.



Generally, the lowest power setting for a microwave is 500W and under. This turns the oven into a dehydrator. By heating things up very gently, the water in the food gets drawn out, rather than getting cooked. This is useful for creating dried fruits and vegetables for consumption without losing their nutrition or colour.


Medium settings tend to hover between 500W to 800W. At these levels, the microwave can fry and steam. Many restaurants fry or dry their herbs in the microwave to give them crunch and visual appeal. Simply wrap a plate in plastic cling wrap and lightly oil the surface. Separate the herb leaves, lay them on top and lightly oil them.

Put them in the microwave for a couple of minutes at 800W, or adjust as needed if the herbs are particularly delicate. This creates crisp herbs for use as garnishes without the need for oil or clean up afterwards.











Fried Parsley
By stu_spivack
Herbs like parsley can be fried in the microwave with very little oil to enhance the flavour of dishes healthily.


At high or full power, most home microwaves can operate at 800W and above. The Electrolux EMS3067X’s microwave function can operate at 900W, and its grill function at 1100W. If you want to heat something quickly, like coffee or tea, use this setting.

You can also use this setting to steam fish. Simply ensure that the zip-loc bags used in the recipe for steaming can be sealed, with no tails or parts of the fish sticking out. Also make sure there is as little excess air in the bag as possible.

Cook for 3.5 to 5 minutes, or when the fish becomes opaque and flakes easily, then prepare the sauce and drizzle over the fish before serving.

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