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Cleaning smoky smells out of your laundry

Air quality has been a concern in recent years, with the Southeast Asian haze making an annual appearance during the dry season. A result of smoke created by forest fires, these particles not only make visibility and breathing difficult, they also stick to surfaces like clothing that can leave them smelling and looking the worse for wear.

Foods that help with blood sugar management

Balancing our glucose or sugar levels is a critical factor in maintaining our health and preventing heart disease. High blood sugar levels are caused by overconsumption of rich, sugary and fatty foods, and can lead to diabetes and damage to the heart in the long term. Fortunately, eating to regulate your blood sugar comes with a host of other benefits, such as weight loss and higher, more consistent energy levels.

Pairing the right liquors to enhance your food

A good host knows picking the right drinks to go with dinner can enhance the dining experience for guests. The wrong drinks, on the other hand, can ruin the entire meal by clashing with the palate, overwhelming or changing the taste of otherwise delicious food.

Keeping life simple with an organised closet

When you’re getting dressed at the start of the day, the last thing you probably want to see is a messy, mismatched jumble of shoes, clothes barely hanging onto their hangers and even dirty laundry. A well organised closet can make your mornings easier, allowing you to quickly see what you own and pick out a matching outfit.