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Happy birthday ideas for adults.

Fun birthday parties aren’t just for kids. Adults too can have a great time celebrating with a more ‘grown-up’ shindig.               Party From: www.livelovelux.com Adult birthday parties can be great fun no matter your age. Send proper invites Set the tone, skip the e-vites.  Send real, honest-to-goodness, on-paper invitations. […]

Global skin care tips for your climate

Can’t figure out why your skin care regimen just isn’t producing the results you want? That might be due to the climate we find ourselves in. Many skin care products tend to be formulated for skin types, but skin also reacts to the climate people find themselves in. Climate changes affect your skin and how […]

Healthy and delicious snacks for any road trip.

Taking your family on a road trip this June? Packing some snacks for the kids during long drives is essential for a smooth journey. There’s no need to stock up on potato chips and soda however. There are plenty of healthy and equally tasty options you can pack from home with just a little preparation. […]

The Michelin star guide deconstructed

The Michelin star is the best and most highly regarded of all restaurant ratings. They appear in the annual Michelin Guide to Restaurants and Hotels, otherwise known as the Red Guide, which was first published 114 years ago in France.  Getting a Michelin star for a restaurant can take years, and diners can be assured […]

Tips for hosting a fuss-free brunch

Brunch is possibly one of the most casual and enjoyable meals we can have. Coined in 1895 for a Sunday meal for Saturday night revelers, these leisurely, late-morning affairs are best when they’re kept relaxed, with tasty food and a comfortable vibe that encourages guests to kick off their shoes and hang out. Here’s some […]

Getting cashmere to look its best for a lifetime

Cashmere is the fabric of choice for fashionistas who want to keep warm in style. Despite its lightweight appearance, a cashmere sweater can be up to eight times warmer than one made from sheep’s wool. Owning a high quality cashmere sweater or scarf can set you back by a few hundred dollars due to its […]

The quick guide to the blood type diet

All humans have one of four blood types – A, B, AB or O. According to Naturopath Dr Peter J. D’Adamo, different blood types have different chemical reactions to the food they eat. If you follow a diet designed for your blood type, your body can digest it more efficiently, leading to weight loss and […]

Smoking meats on your trusty stove top.

Smoking in the kitchen can be a healthy and delicious affair. The cooking technique, that is. Smoking meats involves cooking food over a low temperature of between 82oC to 105oC in a smoky environment for several hours, sometimes overnight. The smoke comes from wood chips and charcoal, which smoulder rather than burn at these low […]

Preparing the house for a viewing

It’s time for a change and you’re looking to sell your current home. Getting the best price for it isn’t just about the location or size of your home, it’s also about having every room look its best so potential buyers can visualise living comfortably in the house.               […]

The Electrolux Asia Pacific Food Survey 2014 reveals a region of ‘foodies’

According to the latest survey findings, the Asia Pacific is undeniably a region of foodies.  They are not however, confident of their own culinary prowess in their kitchens.   Of the 5,000 respondents polled, 94% said that they are strongly passionate about food. Paradoxically however, 60% described their cooking skills as “limited” or “a disaster”. The […]