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The Electrolux Asia Pacific Food Survey 2014 reveals a region of ‘foodies’


According to the latest survey findings, the Asia Pacific is undeniably a region of foodies.  They are not however, confident of their own culinary prowess in their kitchens.  

Of the 5,000 respondents polled, 94% said that they are strongly passionate about food. Paradoxically however, 60% described their cooking skills as “limited” or “a disaster”. The biennial survey was conducted in 10 countries across the Asia Pacific, revealing unique insights into the dining and culinary habits of the region.








Electrolux Food Survey 2014 Infographic 

Thailand foodies come out on top

Survey participants from the land of smiles returned a 100% positive response, expressing their strong passion for food. Not far behind are the Philippines and Vietnam, where 98% of people indicated a love for food, while the land down under returned strong results but were behind their Asian counterparts at 87%.

Room for improvement

This love for food doesn’t translate into confidence in the kitchen, however. While 85% preferred to eat at home, 60% admitted to having limited or even disastrous cooking skills. Only 40% had the confidence to move beyond recipes and experiment on their own.

The country with the least confidence in their cooking skills was Taiwan, with 25% describing themselves as a disaster in the kitchen and only 21% willing to experiment with their cooking. The country that has the most confidence in their culinary skills?  Vietnam – just 7% of Vietnamese think that they can’t hack it in a kitchen.

Despite these numbers, a significant number of the region’s home cooks are self-taught. At least 73% of respondents in every country showed an appetite for self-improvement, with a high of 94% of Chinese indicating that they wished to be better cooks.

A woman’s world

The kitchen is still the domain of women, with 68% of females indicating that they were the primary cook at home. Although 40% of men claimed that they were the primary meal preparer in the household, their partners did not back this up, with only 17% agreeing!

Although men are making headway in the kitchen, they still lack confidence more than their female counterparts, with 66% choosing ‘limited’ or ‘a disaster’ to best describe their kitchen ability.

Passing the torch

The current generation of home cooks learnt from their parents, with 79% of respondents over 50 teaching their children to cook. This may not be the case for the next generation, with only 33% of those under 30 seeing it as a priority to teach their kids.

Keeping this culinary flame going is strongest in Vietnam. Almost half felt that teaching children is a top priority, and a further 35% indicating that they make sure to cook a few dishes with the kids when there is time to do so.

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