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Preparing the house for a viewing


It’s time for a change and you’re looking to sell your current home. Getting the best price for it isn’t just about the location or size of your home, it’s also about having every room look its best so potential buyers can visualise living comfortably in the house.








By Ballyhoura Failte

A buyer’s first impression of the house can make or break the offer.

General clean-up

Good first impressions start with a clean home, so ensure the entire house is clean from top to bottom. Tidy up any clutter or cover it up. The Electrolux Ergorapido BRC with its accessible grab-and-go design is great for any last minute cleaning of floors. Take care of the details. Plump the cushions and straighten the curtains, make sure shelves are neat and tidy and ensure all light bulbs work, even in cupboards or under the stairs.













The Ergorapido vacuum is handy for a quick clean in case of last minute visitors.


Be sure to hang freshly laundered towels neatly on the rails. A sparkling bath, wash basin and toilet can add to a favourable impression. Try to clean the tiles and any grout out of the bathroom.


Make your bed and clear any clutter from the bedroom. Leave a light on to create an inviting and warm ambience; and remember to tidy away anything you don’t want seen!

Living room

If the weather is pleasant and warm, open the windows and let the light in. This creates a relaxed atmosphere and brightens up the room. Consider some fresh flowers to add some colour and make the room feel more inviting.


Make sure the stove and counter tops are clean and clutter-free. If you have under-unit lighting under the counters, turn them on. Having stylish workspaces like the Electrolux Brio, with its easy-to-clean, ceramic glass surface, can help give the kitchen extra style points.

Ensure items kept in cupboards or cabinets are packed well so they don’t fall out when opened. Bonus points for giving the area the aroma of freshly baked bread or brewed coffee.

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