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Getting cashmere to look its best for a lifetime


Cashmere is the fabric of choice for fashionistas who want to keep warm in style. Despite its lightweight appearance, a cashmere sweater can be up to eight times warmer than one made from sheep’s wool. Owning a high quality cashmere sweater or scarf can set you back by a few hundred dollars due to its labour-intensive production process.  It also means that caring for one becomes a delicate affair due to its fine fibres.













By Lukasz

Cashmere sweaters are prized for their ability to keep people warm with just a thin layer of the material.


Should you accidentally stain your cashmere, always spot clean immediately with a bit of cold water or club soda. Use a clean paper towel or tissue with no print or design pattern. Blot the liquid into the spot before washing. Do not rub, as you can easily wear out the fabric by rubbing.  Use a dry cleaning solution for more stubborn spots.


Cashmere is made out of animal hair, so shampoo works well to wash it. Do remember to pick a shampoo that doesn’t strip natural oils. There are shampoos specifically created to wash cashmere. A pure chamomile conditioner rinse can be a great treatment for both your hair and your cashmere item.

You can use washing machines like the Electrolux T-Drive range of washing machines, whose paddles can simulate the gentle motions of handwashing. Set the washing machine to a woollen or delicate wash cycle, making sure the water temperature is cold.  Add the appropriate cashmere shampoo for the wash.

Turn the cashmere item inside out and place inside a mesh bag before starting the wash cycle. Remove from the washer once the washing cycle is done to reduce wrinkling.


To dry, place the item on top of a towel or drying rack on a flat surface. Do not use a dryer or iron cashmere.  If you need to remove any wrinkles, steam it. Should you not own a steamer, use a steam iron like the Electrolux Confidence range that has a high steam output of up to 35g per minute. Just remember not to let the iron touch the cashmere fabric – simply hold it over the item and let the steam do its job.


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