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Tips for hosting a fuss-free brunch


Brunch is possibly one of the most casual and enjoyable meals we can have. Coined in 1895 for a Sunday meal for Saturday night revelers, these leisurely, late-morning affairs are best when they’re kept relaxed, with tasty food and a comfortable vibe that encourages guests to kick off their shoes and hang out. Here’s some handy tips on hosting one while still enjoying a lie-in on Sunday.

Setting up

When hosting a brunch, seat everyone closely around the table to encourage conversation and serve the food family-style, or let people serve themselves from a buffet and then plop down wherever they please. Go for casual and cozy, not stiff and stuffy. Arrange flowers in small jars or old tea tins. Light unscented candles and don’t forget the music.

Egg dishes

You can’t go wrong with eggs on a brunch menu. An egg casserole or strata makes a tasty, filling anchor dish.   Easy egg dishes like frittatas can also be assembled the night before and quickly heated up in the morning. The Electrolux EOK86030X oven with its UltraFan convection and microwave functions is ideal for both baking brunch dishes like frittatas and scones, then heating them up the next morning.

Make it sweet and savoury

As a combination of breakfast and lunch, brunch accommodates both sweet and savoury dishes. Cinnamon buns, homemade donuts and muffins are always popular, as are easy-to-make sweet breads like zucchini or banana bread. For an elegant twist, try this banana bread with chocolate chips and candied ginger.









By Annie Mole
Brunch can be a combination of sweet and savoury foods.

Serve the right drinks

Aside from the standard coffee and tea, cocktails like Bloody Marys and Mimosas are common – and welcome – brunch companions. Consider adding a DIY bar where guests can design their own Bloody Mary or Mimosa.













By Ccharmon
Mimosas are perfectly acceptable cocktails for a casual and leisurely brunch.

For a Mimosa bar, fill glass carafes with fresh orange juice, peach nectar and fresh strawberry puree. Fresh or frozen berries and candied lemon peel are great garnishes. For a Bloody Mary bar, rim glasses with celery salt or salt and pepper and amp up the add-ins: pickled veggies, olives, Tabasco and lemon or lime slices.

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