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The Michelin star guide deconstructed


The Michelin star is the best and most highly regarded of all restaurant ratings. They appear in the annual Michelin Guide to Restaurants and Hotels, otherwise known as the Red Guide, which was first published 114 years ago in France.  Getting a Michelin star for a restaurant can take years, and diners can be assured of good food in a starred establishment. But what goes into the awarding of these stars?









By Restaurant Il Gallo d’Oro” by Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts

Michelin star restaurants are judged mainly by what’s on the plate, which is often of consistently high standards.

Anonymous visits

Each restaurant is visited by anonymous, full-time professional inspectors, who then grade the restaurants according to a set of criteria. The identities of these inspectors are a closely guarded secret, even from many of Michelin’s top executives. Inspectors are advised not to disclose their line of work, even to their parents.

What’s graded?

According to Michelin, the stars reflect only what appears on the plate. Comfort, décor and service standards are indicated by one to five fork and spoon symbols, which do not affect the star ratings.  The Michelin inspectors look out for the following criteria: quality and freshness of ingredients, mastery of cooking and of the flavours, level of creativity and personality of the cuisine, value for money and the consistency of culinary standards throughout the menu and year.

The need to constantly maintain high standards is why about half of Michelin star restaurants in Europe use Electrolux professional kitchen appliances. Providing the latest in kitchen technology and design, these professional appliances are eventually adapted for home kitchens, resulting in cutting edge kitchen appliances like the Electrolux Inspiration range.













Inspiration oven.

The Electrolux Inspiration range of ovens are adapted from professional kitchen equipment found in about half of the Michelin star restaurants in Europe.

What’s the difference between stars?

A restaurant can earn between one to three Michelin stars.  One star indicates a very good restaurant in its category, offering consistently good food. Such restaurants are a good place to stop at during a journey. There are about 1,400 such restaurants in the world.

Two stars denote excellent cuisine that is skilfully and carefully crafted. Dishes at the restaurant are of outstanding quality and are worth a detour from a trip. There are about 230 such restaurants in the world.

Three stars reward restaurants with exceptional cuisine, where diners eat superbly well. The restaurant has distinctive dishes that are precisely executed with superlative ingredients and are worth a special journey to eat at.

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