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Happy birthday ideas for adults.


Fun birthday parties aren’t just for kids. Adults too can have a great time celebrating with a more ‘grown-up’ shindig.








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Adult birthday parties can be great fun no matter your age.

Send proper invites

Set the tone, skip the e-vites.  Send real, honest-to-goodness, on-paper invitations. Go the extra mile with custom designed cards and mail or hand them out.

Pick a theme

A theme can make planning decisions much easier while making it fun for guests. Pick a suitable theme – pop culture themes are always a good bet, like a swanky Mad Men–style cocktail party or an Old Hollywood movie night.  You can even go with a decade-themed party, such as “The Roaring 20s” with guests in flapper dresses and Great Gatsby-inspired suits.

Give old favourites a fancy twist

Sugary treats never go out of style, but they do need a grown-up twist. Decorate cupcakes with fun photo toppers or make a sophisticated layer cake, like the classic red velvet or dulce de leche favourites.

Or go gourmet and serve up different flavours of gelato and freshly-baked cookies for a DIY ice cream–sandwich bar. The Electrolux Inspiration oven range’s UltraFanPlus convection feature combined with its capacity of 74L, allows you to bake large batches of cookies and cakes evenly no matter where they are placed. This comes in handy when baking for large parties.














Inspiration oven
The Inspiration range of ovens have large capacities of up to 74 litres, allowing baking of cakes and cookies in large batches for parties.

Boozy popsicles are sure-fire hits too. Just add tequila, rum or gin to fruit juices for refreshing treats like basil, lime and gin or mango tequila popsicles.

Let the good old times roll

Again, the classics are the best – childhood games can make for some great group entertainment even with a more mature audience.  A rousing game of Twister played indoors or out, is great for getting people socialising and on their feet.

Think Charades or even Pictionary and don’t discount classic box games like Apples to Apples, Taboo, and Encore.

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