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A knotty problem – preventing and relieving muscle knots

Many people will experience muscle knots at some point in their life. These are points within a muscle where the contracted fibres are unable to be released or relaxed. The effects of muscle knots can range from temporary discomfort to persistent and severe pain in the worst cases. Left untreated for long enough, they can affect the way we move, stand, sit, how we carry ourselves and our overall strength.

Beef Wellington – a dish fit for Dukes

A classic dish that has survived the test of time, the iconic Beef Wellington is rich in taste and dramatic in presentation.

Gender neutral décor for the family home

Decorating your first home as a couple or as a family? The wrong combination of covers, patterns and prints can leave shared rooms looking like a bachelor’s or bachelorette’s living pad rather than that of a happily married couple. Watching a few details can help to create a gender neutral abode for your lives together.

Three snacks to cheer on your favourite soccer team

The Fifa World Cup tournament is underway, with the first kick-off on 12 June signalling a month of soccer fever for fans around the world. Few sporting events inspire as much fervour as this global football tournament, held once every four years.

The 101 on making meringue

Meringue is a light, airy and sweet treat that few can resist. Although made from just egg whites and sugar, there is so much more to this sweet confection. Understanding the difference between French, Swiss, and Italian meringues, and knowing when to use them can result in numerous classic recipes, including soufflé, mousse, and airy cakes.

Assembling a mezze platter straight from the Mediterranean

If you’re having guests over and are planning a more casual gathering with simple snacks and refreshments consider a mezze platter. Similar to Spanish tapas, these small plates from the Middle East and the Balkans can serve as either appetizers or a light meal.

Ironing vs steaming – which is better for you

Ironing is an activity  disliked by many. Fortunately, advances in iron technology have made this particular household chore quicker and easier to do over the years. The garment steamer is a more recent invention that are increasingly popular in homes – and as they become more portable – on the road. While a garment steamer […]

Vote for your favourite healthy home idea at the Electrolux Design Lab 2014

The home of your future won’t just make living easier, it’ll make it healthier too. The Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) 2014  is underway, with up and coming young designers around the world submitting their visions for a healthier home. The annual competition, which features “Creating Healthy Homes” as this year’s theme, drew close to 1,700 […]

Tips for balancing portions with enjoyment on special occasions

Many of us spend most of the year watching our diets and eating sensibly. Alas, all that hard work can be undone with a burst of social gatherings during holiday seasons or simply with a series of special occasions crammed into a short period.

Show dad some love with a Father’s Day cookout!

Looking for a new idea to celebrate this Father’s Day with dad?  How about organizing a special cookout in his honour? A Father’s Day cookout doesn’t just guarantee a good time for dad, it can also be a bonding activity for the whole family.  Few men can resist the allure of food grilled over a […]