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Dry your fruits and meats for better, longer lasting flavour


The art of drying is an ancient practice dating back more than 10 millennia, developed as a way to preserve food for long periods. The process of removing moisture from food doesn’t just help to keep it from going bad, it helps to preserve almost 100 per cent of the nutritional content of the food.

Another delicious side effect of dehydrating foods is the concentration of flavour in the remaining fibres, giving you a healthy snack to nibble on between meals. With its nutrient and sugar content nearly intact, dried fruits can provide a quick and healthy energy boost during the day.

Modern appliances such as the Electrolux Inspiration Steam Combination Oven have drying functions that make it quicker and easier to dry out meat and fruit slices for storage and consumption.

Dehydrating fruits

Fruits can be dried in ovens which can utilise low temperatures and circulate air within its cavity. Start by slicing the fruits to be dried. You can choose to peel it or leave its skin on. Unpeeled fruits will take more time to dry.









Dried Fruit
By Rawich

Drying fruit not only preserves the nutrients, it concentrates flavour in the fruit’s dried fibres.

If the oven can go as low as 60oC and has a convection function, it can be used to dry food. Anything above that temperature will cook it instead. The Electrolux Inspiration Steam Combination oven not only has a drying function to make it convenient, its UltraFanPlus convection feature ensures the constant and even circulation of air around the oven.   The fruit is dried when you cannot feel any more moisture in the slice, or it snaps easily when bent.

Dehydrating meat

Dried meat, or jerky can also be made at home with an oven. Trim the fat off the cut of meat to be used. Slice it into 1/8 to 1/4 inch strips. The thicker the slice, the chewier your jerky is likely to be.









Byrakratchada torsap
Jerky can be made at home with the help of ovens like the Electrolux Inspiration Steam Combination oven.

Marinate the meat with your preferred choice of rubs or seasonings. Place in the oven at 60oC to dry. Check after two to three hours for doneness. Bend a strip. When the meat fibres tear or stretch, it is nearly done. Leave the jerky to air dry at room temperature for another 24 hours to fully dehydrate before packing it for storage.


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