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Holiday activities for kids – that don’t bust the wallet


It’s June, and the kids are home for the holidays. With proper planning, a road trip can be a fun bonding and learning activity for the family.

Cooking lessons

Take the time to teach them a valuable life skill – cooking.  Depending on their age group, they can learn to perform different tasks in the kitchen and cook simple dishes. For younger children, have them start by helping in the cooking process, such as beating eggs for omelettes or rolling out the dough for cookies. As they get older, introduce more complex tasks like blending, chopping or frying, until they are able to put entire dishes together.









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Teach kids to cook by having them help out in the kitchen with age-appropriate tasks.

Utilising kitchen appliances like the Electrolux EHH6332FOK induction cooking hob with intelligent cooking zones helps to reduce the risk of accidents in the kitchen while making it easier for kids to be involved. The intelligent cooking zones only activate when a container is placed on it, and shuts off when the container is removed. Its accessible intuitive control panel makes it easy to operate, even for children.

Explore the Markets

Teaching your kids to cook doesn’t mean being stuck in the kitchen with them.  Bring them out grocery shopping and make it more fun by taking them to a wet market or farmer’s market.  Teach them how to select fresh ingredients and pick out the right ones for their favourite meals.  This helps to expand their own cooking knowledge and refine their tastes for fresh, healthy ingredients and vegetables.









Alameda County Community Food Bank
Children can help out with simple volunteer activities, such as packing and donating food to food banks. 

Take a road trip

Consider taking a road trip to a local farm or fish farm.  These expeditions aren’t just fun for everyone, they can also provide great opportunities for kids to learn more about their environment, what goes on in a farm and introduce locally grown produce to them.  Check if the farm will also allow them to take part in activities like picking fresh fruits or feeding the animals. With the proper planning, a road trip can be a fun bonding and learning activity for the family.


Look at roping your kids in for a day of helping others. Community service can be a good way to spend time together while teaching kids the value of giving back. Look for suitable volunteer work for the family, which can take the form of helping out in soup kitchens or simply donating foodstuff to a food bank or charity.

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