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Show dad some love with a Father’s Day cookout!


Looking for a new idea to celebrate this Father’s Day with dad?  How about organizing a special cookout in his honour?

A Father’s Day cookout doesn’t just guarantee a good time for dad, it can also be a bonding activity for the whole family.  Few men can resist the allure of food grilled over a charcoal flame. So if your dad enjoys a good barbeque, he could even get in on the action himself.   









By Jun Seita

Cookouts can be an enjoyable bonding activity for the family on Father’s Day.

Marinating the food

One of the keys to good barbequed food is the marinade. If you have the time, consider making them from scratch with fresh ingredients.  Not only will the meal be a lot tastier, it’ll also be healthier for dad.

Combine herbs like rosemary and thyme with fresh ground pepper and minced garlic for a herb marinade for steaks. Or combine sweet soy sauce with grated apple, minced garlic, scallions, fresh ground black pepper and dark sesame oil for Korean-inspired bbq ribs.

Blenders like the Electrolux EBR2001 come with a mill accessory that’s great for grinding up the dry condiments. Giving the marinade a whirl in the blender on the highest of its 5-speed setting can also help create a silky sauce for the meat.









Marinated meat
By lmnop88a

A simple combination of herbs can be a delicious marinade for bbq steaks.

Be sure to marinate for at least 5 hours, preferably overnight. Refrigerators like the Electrolux FlexFresh have customisable shelving options so you can create a separate compartment for the meat and  keep things organised for the cookout.

Kick it up a notch

A few simple additions can turn the cookout from an average BBQ to a gourmet experience. Try using good cuts of beef such as Filet Mignon, and pair it with herb butter to give dad an extra treat. Instead of a standard potato salad with mayonnaise, try dressing it with lemon vinaigrette, olive oil and fresh mint for a Lebanese-style potato salad.

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