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Tips for balancing portions with enjoyment on special occasions


Many of us spend most of the year watching our diets and eating sensibly.  Alas, all that hard work can be undone with a burst of social gatherings during holiday seasons or simply with a series of special occasions crammed into a short period. 

At such occasions, where large portions of delicious foods tend to be served, overeating can be an issue. Balancing enjoyment with prudence doesn’t require supreme willpower as long as the right habits are developed.


Don’t starve yourself beforehand

If you’re thinking to balance out a large dinner by skimping on breakfast or lunch, don’t. Never go hungry to a party. When blood sugar is too low, you’ll find yourself craving high-calorie foods like pastries.


Rather than starve yourself, do the counter-intuitive thing – keep eating your regular meals. You can even nibble on some healthy snacks before leaving home to level out your blood sugar. That way, you can still enjoy the  food at the party without overdoing it.

By rakratchada torsap

Nibbling on some protein before a big party can help to prevent overeating at the event.

Proteins are ideal for filling up without large portions. Try nibbling dried fruit and jerky before the party to take the edge off your hunger. The large capacity Electrolux Inspiration steam combination oven’s drying function makes it easy to prepare big batches of dried fruit and jerky for healthy snacking over time.


Rest up and manage alcoholic intake

If you’re feeling low on energy, rest up before going to a gathering. If you arrive exhausted from a busy day, you’ll likely overeat to regain energy.

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Alcohol is high in calories and can reduce your willpower to limit your food intake. 


In this vein, go slow  or limit your alcohol intake.  Alcohol acts as  a depressant and can affect stress levels, sleep, as well as interfere with your body’s ability to burn fat. It can also make you hungry and weaken your resolve to limit your eating.


Budget your choices

Take stock of the food available before taking anything. Start by filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables before taking anything else, then divide the other half between proteins and grains. This will  help you to feel full and avoid overindulging on sugary desserts.

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