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Vote for your favourite healthy home idea at the Electrolux Design Lab 2014


The home of your future won’t just make living easier, it’ll make it healthier too.

The Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) 2014  is underway, with up and coming young designers around the world submitting their visions for a healthier home.

The annual competition, which features “Creating Healthy Homes” as this year’s theme, drew close to 1,700 entries from 43 countries. The theme, which emphasizes sustainability and health in home living, has three focus areas for participants; Culinary Enjoyment, Fabric Care and Air Purifying.

The top 70 concepts gleaned from the initial submissions are now featured on the EDL 2014 website.  It’s now up to the public to vote for their  favourite designs. Public voting started on 16 June and will last until 28 June, where the top-rated designs will make it through to third stage of the competition.

Here are a few eye-catching concepts from Asia Pacific that could change the way we live in the future.


This 2-in-1 kitchen appliance by Filipino designer Anna Klarissa Abjelina, features the ability to refrigerate and cook meals. The appliance compresses the food’s atoms, making it physically smaller and easier to store, while analysing its nutritional components and storing them by food group.

The Hexis can then analyse the user’s nutritional needs and list recommended meals for the user before preparing it.

Lightsaber Knife

This “liquidmetal” knife from Taiwanese Chia-Yu Yeh, can change into five different kinds of knives, depending on its usage. Whether it’s cutting raw or cooked food, just use a touchscreen to change the knife to suit the work. A fingerprint scan system helps to identify users and reduce the risk of accidents should children use the knife.



Use this air purifying collar on your pet, and worry no more about dust, dirt and fur that may dirty the home and cause allergies. Designed by Thailand’s Thanut Chaovakul, the Petocollar emits negative ions, which are absorbed by the dirt and fur shed from your pet. This enables an air cleaner to quickly suck them out of the environment.

Vote for your favourite designs at www.electroluxdesignlab.com

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