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Ironing vs steaming – which is better for you


Ironing is an activity  disliked by many. Fortunately, advances in iron technology have made this particular household chore quicker and easier to do over the years.

The garment steamer is a more recent invention that are increasingly popular in homes – and as they become more portable – on the road.

While a garment steamer is seen as the easier way to get wrinkles out of certain articles of clothing, the iron still has its uses and benefits. Understanding the strengths of each appliance will aid in deciding whether an iron or garment steamer suits your needs better.


Iron or steam?

A steamer relies on a steady stream of hot vapour spray to smooth out creases in clothing by relaxing the fibres. Using a steamer means less wear and tear on the item, while fluffing its fibres, giving them a softer, cleaner look. It also removes the risk of burning the clothing.

The Electrolux EGS2103 garment steamer has special settings for each garment type.

The Electrolux EGS2103 garment steamer is a prime example of a garment steamer that can steam the wrinkles out of cotton, silk and fur, utilising special settings for each garment type. Its nine large steam holes enable powerful and even steam distribution, ensuring the removal of every last wrinkle.

The Electrolux Ergosteam can release a powerful 100g shot of steam to remove any wrinkles while giving clothes a sharp, crisp finish.

An iron flattens the fibres – and wrinkles – of the fabric, and is better at giving clothing sharp creases. The Electrolux ErgoSteam steam iron combines the best of both worlds, with the iron’s capability of releasing a powerful 100g shot of steam to remove any wrinkles while giving clothes a sharp, crisp finish.


Types of clothing

The garment steamer’s more gentle approach make it better suited for materials that should not be ironed, like silk, satin, wool and velvet. This may help to extend their lifespan. Steamers can also be used for bulkier items like drapes that can’t be ironed easily.

On the other hand, fabrics that wrinkle easily, like standard cotton are more easily unwrinkled with a hot iron. They are also handy for putting sharp creases in trousers, pressing cuffs and putting crisp points on collars.

If your wardrobe contains lots of delicate fabrics, or you favour a softer look to your clothes, consider investing in a good steamer. If you own lots of dress shirts and favour a sharper look,  go with  an iron.

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