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Three snacks to cheer on your favourite soccer team


The Fifa World Cup tournament is underway, with the first kick-off on 12 June signalling a month of soccer fever for fans around the world. Few sporting events inspire as much fervour as this global football tournament, held once every four years.

World Cup viewing parties with friends are popular – and fun – activities during this period. Complementing them with great beer and finger food is simply icing on the cake. 


Chicken Wings

Fried chicken wings are often associated with a night out at the pub with the boys. Rather than serving up standard-issue buffalo wings, consider this Coca Cola chicken wings recipe from one of the World Cup’s sponsors.

If you like your  wings spicy, try this classic buffalo wings recipe made with sambal and sriracha hot sauce.



What’s a boy’s night out without crispy French fries? If you’re looking to give your fries an extra kick and happen to be a fan of the South Korean soccer team, try Chef E’s Kimchi Fries with Marinated sliced Beef, Bell Peppers and Onions Topping  to whet your appetite for more goals.

The Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender makes it easy to blend silky smooth kimchi mayonaise while remaining quiet enough to ensure your guests enjoy watching the match.


This Mexican dish is universally loved as an accompaniment to beer during nights out at a sports bar or pub. And it’s not hard to prepare. The Electrolux Brio hob, whose intense flames can reduce boiling time by up to a third, makes it easy to quickly boil up Chili Con Carne and other sauces for unique nacho dishes.

Bring it beyond tortilla chips and melted cheese with Chef E’s Nachos with Chili Con Carne and Cheese recipe – it’ll appeal to most sports fans regardless of their team affliation.


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