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A knotty problem – preventing and relieving muscle knots


Many people will experience muscle knots at some point in their life. These are points within a muscle where the contracted fibres are unable to be released or relaxed.  The effects of muscle knots can range from temporary discomfort to persistent and severe pain in the worst cases. Left untreated for long enough, they can affect the way we move, stand, sit, how we carry ourselves and our overall strength.

The risk of developing muscle knots can be reduced by watching a few simple things in the course of your daily life.


Posture and stretching

Muscle knots can be caused by postural stress from sitting too long in a poor posture or with no support; or improper posture when lifting weights. If you’re developing muscle knots in your shoulders, neck, upper or middle back, the cause is likely postural in nature. 

They can also be caused by overstimulation or by over stretching. For example, when you do pull-ups, your muscles tend to over-stretch when lowering, then go through intense contractions when lifting. Similarly, if your shoulders are rounded from long periods while sitting in an office, it means your back muscles are already overstretched.



Ensure you get enough of the right nutrients. A lack of Vitamins B and C, as well as a lack of potassium and calcium can contribute to the development of muscle knots.  Foods like spinach, bananas and oranges are a great source of these vitamins.  Getting adequate hydration from water is also important. A lack of water in your body causes muscles to cramp and contract. Drinks with diuretic effects such as coffee and alcohol don’t count.



The Electrolux Allure water heater can be easily set to the optimal temperature to relieve aching muscles.

You don’t always need expensive massages to relieve muscle knots and pains. Applying heat via heating or gel pads, or even just a hot shower may be enough to get the muscle to relax. Water heaters like the Electrolux Allure come with intuitive temperature controls and LED indicators that ensure you can shower at an optimal temperature for your body’s needs.

By luigi diamanti
A tennis ball can be used as a tool for DIY massages of hard to reach areas.

If you need to use a firmer and deeper pressure on your muscle knots, tennis balls are a great DIY tool for relief. Simply lay the affected area on it and roll back and forth gently to get the muscle fibres to loosen up and allow blood flow to increase back to normal levels.

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