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Beef Wellington – a dish fit for Dukes


A classic dish that has survived the test of time, the iconic Beef Wellington is rich in taste and dramatic in presentation.

By www.livelovelux.com
Beef Wellington is an iconic dish that originated from England.

Originating from England, the dish is made by preparing a filet of beef topped with pâté and duxelles (finely minced mushrooms and herbs), which are then wrapped inside of a puff pastry. It is commonly believed that it was named after the 1st Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815. Some sources cite the dish as his favourite meal.


What’s so unique about this dish?

Beef Wellington utilises luxury ingredients and is not the easiest dish to prepare. The dish’s main difficulty during preparation lies in maintaining the correct doneness of the beef while also making sure the puff pastry is neither too soggy nor burnt. Wrapping all its components into a bundle is no mean feat either.


What’s the easiest way to prepare this dish at home?

The Electrolux Inspiration oven has a built-in meat probe that ensures meat is cooked to perfect doneness.

The easiest way to prepare this dish in your own home is simply to cook the beef and puff pastry separately. Here’s a recipe that still requires significant chopping and the patience to make a balsamic vinegar and red wine reduction, but eliminates most of the headache.

Using the right appliances will help greatly, like the Electrolux Brio hob, whose heat rivals those in professional kitchens, allowing you to properly sear the beef. The Electrolux Inspiration oven’s built-in meat probe and UltraFanPlus features can ensure the Beef Wellington is evenly baked, while ensuring the meat is at optimal doneness.


How do I serve it?

As Beef Wellington is a rich and complex dish with many textures and flavours, keep its accompanying sides simple. A lightly dressed fresh, crisp salad can do if you’re short on time. Or consider roasted greens like fresh asparagus, green beans, broccoli and Brussels sprouts with a light spritz of lemon juice. Roasted potatoes or vegetable purees can also work to complement the dish’s flavours without overpowering them.

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