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Gender neutral décor for the family home


Decorating your first home as a couple or as a family?  The wrong combination of covers, patterns and prints can leave shared rooms looking like a bachelor’s or bachelorette’s living pad rather than that of a happily married couple. Watching a few details can help to create a gender neutral abode for your lives together.


Design styles

By burrs&berries
Gender neutral colour schemes utilise colours like off-white, gray and taupe.

If you’re looking to invest in a single design style, choose art deco or mid-century modern over industrial, rustic or even shabby chic. The latter styles tend to fall on the ends of the gender spectrum, while the former two styles feature simple, clean lines that can’t be pegged as male or female.



The Electrolux Strauss blender is a stylish addition to the home for both genders. 

Pick a palette rich in neutrals. Anchor the room in shades of cream, off-white, gray and taupe. Mix in richer hues that appeal to both sides of the gender gap like tangerine, lemon, cornflower and chartreuse. 

Electrolux appliances like the Ergorapido vacuum and Strauss blenders are designed to be seen. Their sleek lines make them a fashion piece that can be displayed openly, and they come in gender neutral colours such as ice white and tungsten metallic that fit well into any living area.


Prints, fabrics and patterns

Avoid frilly throw pillows, lace curtains, pops of hot pink and floral prints. The same can be said for items at the other end of the gender spectrum — nautical accents, masculine leather chairs, tartan plaids, oversized mahogany furniture and taxidermy. You can add a dose of masculinity or femininity while still maintaining balance.



Don’t be afraid to combine hard and soft pieces. Complement a plush couch with a sleek coffee table crafted from steel and glass. Add a pin-tucked duvet to a Japanese style wooden bed. Use a soft flokati rug to balance out the roughness of a vintage trunk or the austerity of glass lamps.

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