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Enjoy steak tartare from the comfort of your home!

Eating raw beef in the form of steak tartare can be done without a restaurant kitchen at your disposal. Here’s what you should keep in mind when preparing it or any other raw dish at home. Steak Tartare                 By Leon Brocard https://www.flickr.com/photos/acme/225281528 The right cut of beef and […]

Holiday activities for kids – that don’t bust the wallet

It’s June, and the kids are home for the holidays. With proper planning, a road trip can be a fun bonding and learning activity for the family. Cooking lessons Take the time to teach them a valuable life skill – cooking.  Depending on their age group, they can learn to perform different tasks in the […]

Gourmet twists to common finger foods

Serving finger foods at parties can be great fun, giving guests small, delicious bites throughout the evening while they mingle with one another. They are also easier to prepare than ambitious multiple course meals Best of all, they can be cooked in large batches with ovens like the Electrolux EOB2400AOX oven, whose 74-litre capacity allows […]

Dry your fruits and meats for better, longer lasting flavour

The art of drying is an ancient practice dating back more than 10 millennia, developed as a way to preserve food for long periods. The process of removing moisture from food doesn’t just help to keep it from going bad, it helps to preserve almost 100 per cent of the nutritional content of the food. […]