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Four kitchen design trends for the modern home


If you want to see what’s trending in modern kitchen design, look no further than the EuroCucina and FTK exhibitions. The former is an International Kitchen Exhibition while the latter is a related event featuring cutting-edge built-in appliance and cooker hood technology.


Here are some insights gleaned from these trend-setting events by Electrolux Design experts.


The peak of minimalism

Minimalism has taken a new turn in kitchen design. Rather than continuing to see pure, clean monolithic designs, it is now all about combining materials, finishes, colours and accessories to create a more modern, yet warm impression. 

This offers a lot of opportunity for creativity, with a clear emphasis on the finer details. Open shelving, utensils on display and vintage décor elements complement such a look.  There is also less gloss and use of glass in the kitchen. When glass is used, it is in a thinner form, removing a good deal of weight aesthetically and functionally.



The trend of kitchen integration has continued to grow, and this was reflected in the appliances. Most manufacturers displayed a suite of products without handles, and solutions that ranged from simple integrated handles, to advanced electro-mechanical opening at the touch of a button.

The ultimate expressions of integration were touch-to-open built-in dishwashers and refrigerators, which are completely invisible behind their matching kitchen cabinet facade.


The use of colour

Trends in colours and finishing of appliances tend to closely follow those in kitchen design.  As kitchens move away from the use of large amounts of stainless steel, a larger colour palette is emerging in appliances.

Many products now follow the dominant kitchen trend of warm, earthy and rich colour tones; as well as glass finishing with a satin surface – a stark departure from the traditional glossy aspect of glass.  In several instances, products were finished in satin black to seamlessly match the surrounding cabinets, creating an entirely new level of visual integration.


Flexible spaces

Motorised solutions, such as sliding counter tops for storing utensils, are in demand primarily from the need to make good use of space and to have more flexibility within a compact environment. 

One solution that really stands out is large sliding table tops designed to cover kitchen appliances when not in use, offering additional seamless worktop and floor space when needed.  As the open plan living trend continues, such design solutions ensure that rooms in the home are truly multifunctional.


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