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The quick guide to superfoods for your lifestyle


There are foods, and there are superfoods. Superfoods get their name from being especially high in nutrients, and have been found to contain profound healing and dietary benefits. They have also been referred to as nature’s medicine. 

Whether it’s for better energy levels, a better night’s sleep or even just having a better memory, the right superfood might just help do the trick.


Better memory

Life is just easier when your brain is sharp and your memory is strong. Blueberries are rich in sweet flavour and have a high concentration of flavonoids — plant-produced compounds that help keep your brain’s neurons firing smoothly. Gingko biloba has nootropic properties, increasing blood flow to the brain. This results in enhanced memory, mental clarity and reduced fatigue.

By @rsseattle
Blueberries are a superfood rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, which assists with brain function

Toss a handful of berries or gingko biloba extract into a cup of Greek yogurt and blend them into a smoothie for a memory-enhancing breakfast. The Electrolux Strauss blender’s Truflow blades ensure that the resulting drink will start your day right.


More energy

The cacao bean, used to make chocolate, contains natural antidepressants  that can give your mood a boost.

Need a quick energy boost? Reach for a cup of coffee.  It not only provides a caffeine-fuelled burst of energy, it is also chock-full of antioxidants — helping to increase your metabolism, decrease your appetite, and improve your heart’s overall wellbeing.  Note that coffee is healthiest when served up black, so for best results, refrain from adding sugar, dairy products, and flavored syrups that will rack up the calories and subtract from the benefits. Remember to limit your coffee intake to the morning and early afternoon so as not to interfere with your sleep.


Better sleep

Can’t sleep? Pour yourself a glass of kefir milk. This Russian fermented milk drink tastes similar to yogurt, and has been appreciated for centuries for its calming benefits.  The kefir packs a hefty dose of amino acid tryptophan that helps you drift off into sweet slumber. Kefir is also loaded with probiotics that improve your digestive health.


Mood improvement

Feeling down? Go for the cacao, but lay off the milk chocolate and candy bars. If you’re looking to chocolate to lift your spirits, just remember, the darker the better. Go for bars that are at least 70 per cent raw cacao bean. The somewhat bitter cacao bean contains natural antidepressants that boost your brain’s levels of serotonin and dopamine, along with phenylethylamine, a natural mood-boosting chemical. For best results, limit yourself to one ounce each day.

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