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Quick tips for maintaining a white home

There are many design benefits to choosing a white theme for your home. It has a classic, clean timelessness and it’s easy to mix and match white with a wide range of accent colours, fixtures, countertops and flooring.  


This doesn’t mean you need to go white with your appliances. The latest Rapido handheld vacuum for instance, has a futuristic look and comes in purple or polar blue, with a stand that allows charging in five different positions for flexible storage. The same can be said for the Ergorapido vacuums, which come in a variety of vibrant colours to match or brighten up any home.


And these vacuums don’t just look good; they will help keep your home clean as well.  For other areas of the home, here are some nifty tricks to make sure your white home stays pristine.



To remove mould and mildew and restore your bathroom grout to its original white, mix half a cup of chlorine bleach with about 3.5 litres of water. Test on a small section of tile and grout first. Scrub grout using the mixture with a toothbrush.



With white carpets, prevention is better than cure. When spills happen, address them immediately. Using a handheld vacuum like the Rapido, which can clean both wet and dry messes, is great for quickly picking up solids and excess liquids.


Use white paper towels to begin blotting up any leftover liquid, then wet the carpet with water. Place a clean white cloth on top of the soiled area and press down. Do not try to scrub the carpet with it. To prevent the spill from spreading, work your way inwards from the perimeter of the stain. Keep using the cloth to soak and up the stain or use a suitable solvent carpet cleaner if the stain persists.



If your white wall gets smudged, try removing the stain gently with plain water and a soft cloth. Then use a solution of water and liquid dish soap. If the stain remains, use stronger cleaners, but rub it gently – aggressive scrubbing may take some of the paint off along with the spot. Foam cleaning pads are ideal for this purpose.

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