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Easy cooking – with the refrigerator


Whether you’re seeking relief from a hot day, or just trying to offset a spicy dish on the table, cold dishes can help beat the heat. Many are easy to prepare, and you don’t need elaborate appliances to do so.


As the name suggests, cold dishes are mostly prepared straight from the refrigerator. Models like the Electrolux Flexfresh range of refrigerators are ideal if you love “cooking” cold dishes. Its flexible and customisable shelving allows you to keep your cold dishes organised and separate from other raw foods in the fridge.


Bun thit

By N Hoang Tran
Bun thit is a Vietnamese cold noodle dish that can be made with ingredients straight from the fridge.

These Vietnamese cold noodles can be made from leftover meat and ingredients straight from the fridge. The rice vermicelli and sauce, called Nuoc Cham, can be prepared or bought well ahead of time. Top it with bean sprouts, julienned cucumber, mint leaves, basil, chopped cashew nuts, fresh cilantro and your choice of leftover meat slices, and you’ll have a refreshingly light meal in less than half an hour.


Drunken chicken

By Jon Åslund
Drunken chicken can be served as a cold appetizer, with rice or with noodles in a broth.

This chicken dish is soaked in Chinese shao xing wine to create a delicious chicken and wine flavoured sauce.  Leave overnight for the best results and serve cold as an appetiser, with rice or noodles in a broth.


Oatmeal porridge

Make this tasty oatmeal recipe in jars, keep them in the fridge and have a breakfast ready to go every morning. It’s highly versatile, so feel free to add fruits and healthy flavourings in combinations that you might like, such as blueberry and maple syrup, or apple, cinnamon and honey.  Cold oatmeal has never been so tasty.



It takes no more than a fridge to make this most famous of Italian desserts. While it is traditionally made with alcohol, you can substitute it with strong coffee, such as those brewed in coffee makers like the Electrolux Ergosense Multi Beverage Coffee Machine, which can be used to brew a variety of coffees, from strong espressos to lattes. Refrigerate the tiramisu for several hours or overnight for the perfect treat.

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