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Ultrasonic cleaning makes its way to the laundry room


Getting rid of stubborn stains via sound waves can sound like something out of a sci-fi movie. The technology has mostly featured in industrial uses so far, but it is now beginning to make its way into our laundry rooms. Here’s a quick guide to the latest technology coming your way.


What is Ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasound, or sound waves with a frequency of 20 to 500kHz, to clean items. The high-frequency sound waves are used to agitate stains and contaminants such as soil, grease, blood, dust, dirt and pigments submerged in a solvent.


This process is called cavitation. It creates very small bubbles in the solvent, which then pop, creating miniscule shockwaves within the liquid. This helps to dissolve contaminants and “shakes” them free of the fabric.


This technology has been used for a long time for jewellery, optical lenses, surgical instruments and electronic equipment.


So can it be used on clothes?

Currently, it cannot be used in large batches of clothes, as the fabrics will absorb most of the energy. However, advances in technology means that laundry attachments like the Electrolux Stainwand can help to spot treat stubborn stains as a pre-treatment before washing.

Electrolux T-Drive Top Load Washing Machine with Stainwand

The gadget comes attached to the Electrolux EWT1212 T-Drive washing machine for ease and convenience of use.


What are the benefits of Ultrasonic cleaning?

The process of ultrasonic cleaning means that you can clean off stubborn stains that usually require multiple steps to pre-treat and/or vigorous scrubbing. The latter can damage the clothing fabric, especially if it is made from delicate materials like silk.

The Electrolux Stainwand is an ultrasonic spot cleaner that helps to pre-treat stubborn stains before going into the wash.


The Electrolux Stainwand saves time by bypassing long soaking or treatment times, and helps preserve your clothing better. Combined with the T-Drive’s agitating washing action, clothes aren’t just cleaner, they will also last longer.

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