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Boiling great soups – with a rice cooker


Contrary to its name, rice isn’t the only thing you can cook with a rice cooker.  The basic function of the cooker is to heat up and boil liquids to a set temperature, then keep its contents warm at a consistent temperature. 

The Electrolux ERC2201 rice cooker has multiple cooking functions that help to make soups or porridges easily.

Which is essentially how soups and stews are made. Given that the soup is unlikely to boil over, overheat or scorch the pot due to its temperature controls, rice cookers can be a convenient and fuss-free way to prepare soups.  Using rice cookers like the Electrolux ERC2201, with its multiple cooking functions, making porridges, soups and stews now require nothing more than a simple touch of a button.


Chinese soups

By Pellcan
Chinese soups can be easily cooked and simmered in rice cookers, which can maintain consistent temperatures similar to a slow cooker.

Many Chinese soups need to be simmered for a long time on the stove to extract the flavours and nutrients from its ingredients. Using a rice cooker can help to cut down the cooking time. This Chicken and Daikon Soup recipe outlines a simple and nutritious soup that is said to have “cooling” qualities beneficial to health.


Cream soups

Need something creamy and comforting on a cold day? Try a cream of chicken, mushroom or broccoli soup in the rice cooker.  If you’re concerned about the cream’s fat content, try using low fat or fat-free versions of cream.



Cook your ingredients in the rice cooker long enough and it can easily be turned into stews. A basic stew could be cooked with beef, vegetables, tomatoes, wine and herbs. Or you could try this black bean chili for a Tex-Mex meal.


Soup cooking tips

Do remember to check that your rice cooker can hold the recommended amount of liquid and ingredients outlined in any recipe. If not, reduce the ingredients proportionally.

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