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Popular DIY dishes for parties


Dinner parties don’t have to be stuffy sit down affairs. Why not get your guests involved and give your party a fun feel with a DIY theme? Not only will it be a great ice breaker, they may even find customising their own meals enjoyable..

General tips

Choose menus with elements that are easy to prepare in advance and can be enjoyed at room temperature. They should also be easy to eat whilst mingling or with limited utensils. Appliances like the Electrolux EFP5300 food processor are handy when it comes to shredding, mincing or cutting up ingredients for the following DIY dishes. Its multi-functional knife makes it effortless to chop or shred food beforehand for a fuss-free party experience.


By jeffreyw

A Taco Party is one of the easiest ways to turn your party into a make-it-yourself feast. Pick up fresh tortillas, grill or sauté some marinated steak, and have lots of toppings on hand, including chopped onions, queso fresco (traditional Mexican cheese), and chili sauce. A batch of guacamole for snacking and some margaritas are a great finishing touch.

Kueh Pie Tie

By Marco Ooi

This popular Peranakan dish consists of a deep-fried thin pastry shell filled with a spicy-sweet mixture of shredded vegetables and prawns. You can make the shells from scratch or buy them ready-made from supermarkets. The main vegetables used are Chinese turnips and carrots, although mushrooms, yam bean and leeks are also added. Pork is also sometimes used instead of prawns.


By Chloe Lim

Serve up some Seoul food with this traditional Korean dish. The elements can be prepared ahead of time — crispy fried rice, thinly slice veggies, marinated beef, and fried eggs. All you have to do is let guests build their own bowls. Pick up some kimchi and gochujang, a Korean hot sauce, and serve with Korean beer.


By boo lee

A Fujian-style fresh spring roll that’s popular in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. Popiah is wrapped in a soft, thin paper-like crepe or pancake made from wheat flour. Like Kueh Pie Tie, popiah wrappers can be bought in supermarkets, and share the same fillings.

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