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Achieving macaroon mecca with a few handy tips


French macaroons are a delight to the senses. Beautiful to behold, with bright enticing colours and delicate flavours like violet and pistachio.

The large capacity Electrolux Inspiration ovens with its UltraFanPlus feature make it easy to bake large batches of macaroons at once. 


Like porcelain, they are fragile, and creating the perfect macaroon can be the bane of home bakers the world over. Fortunately, professional kitchen technology is making its way into ovens like the Electrolux Inspiration range, whose extra-large capacity and UltraFanPlus feature ensures an evenly heated oven so you can bake several trays at once.


What makes a French macaroon?

The macaroon is a temperamental cookie-like confection made by sandwiching ganache, buttercream or jam between two airy egg, sugar and almond flour biscuits. The base of this treat is a fluffy meringue of egg whites and sugar.

By livelovelux.com
Macaroons are delicately delicious pastries that can be tricky to bake. 

According to famed Parisian sweet-maker Ladurée, macaroons shells were originally served on their own without any filling. It was Pierre Desfontaines, second cousin of founder Louis Ernest Ladurée, who reportedly was the first to stack and serve two macaroons together in the early 1900s.


Where macaroons are simple and forgiving, French macaroons are complicated and fickle. Perfect French macaroon shells are characterized by their impeccably smooth tops and ruffled bases, known as “feet.” There really aren’t any shortcuts to achieve this ideal consistency.


Tips to achieve the perfect French macaroon

The most helpful tip – Patience. Here are a few commonly recommended by chefs.


  • Leave eggs out of the refrigerator for three to four days. Old egg whites are said to prevent the ruffled “feet” from falling flat.
  • Ready-to-be-piped macaroon batter should be viscous, like magma. After piping, gently tap your baking sheets against the counter to smooth out the shells.
  • Open the oven door halfway through baking and quickly waft it a few times to allow steam to escape. Then close the door to finish cooking.
  • When done, slide the baking sheet onto a cooling rack and allow them to completely cool before removing them.
  • Many chefs agree that the best flavour is achieved by letting the filled cookies rest for a day or two before eating. This is arguably the hardest part.

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