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Duck breast – the new red meat


Duck breast is a carnivore’s dream – Its red flesh could easily be mistaken for beef, and its thick layer of external fat can be rendered to a delicious crisp layer.

By Ralph Daily
Duck meat can be a great substitute for red meat when cooked properly

Duck meat has an ample layer of fat beneath the skin, and this fat is widely considered to be the tastiest fat source around. Because it’s so ample on each bird, with proper cooking you can render off the fat while cooking, and save it for  later use.



Score the fat before cooking to allow the thick sub-layer of fat to melt away during the cooking process. Put the duck in a cold pan skin-side on low heat. Give it time and pour out the fat from the pan as it begins to build up. Once the fat renders out to a level you like, you can crank up the heat to get a crisp exterior before flipping it to cook the flesh.

By Joy
Duck fat is one of the tastiest types of fat available and can be used in a variety of ways, including roasting potatoes. 

Because of the dense skin, oftentimes the flesh directly beneath it will not get much exposure to your heat source, so you’ll likely need to use an oven. You can test the doneness with a probe thermometer – pulling the duck from the pan or your oven around 155oC and letting it rest for 5-10 minutes. This process is made easier with the Electrolux EOB5751BAX oven’s built-in meat probe, which tells you when your meat is done.


If you’re grilling the duck breast, render off the fat in a pan prior to putting the duck onto your grill grates or simply remove it. If not, the fat will quickly hit the charcoal or gas burners, and the flames could flare up, burning the exterior. By rendering the fat off in a pan, then finishing cooking on the meat side on the grill, you’ll get the smoky flavour you’re looking for while also being able to pour off and save all that duck fat.


Using duck fat

Now that you’ve got a good amount of duck fat post-cooking, save it in an air-tight container and keep in the refrigerator. You can essentially use it like oil or butter – as a tastier alternative. Roast potatoes, scrambled eggs and sautéed spinach will all get a rich, flavourful boost from a spoonful of rendered duck fat.

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