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Better home design from Asia at the Electrolux Design Lab 2014


Life-changing culinary, laundry and air purification appliance concepts from Asia Pacific could take home the big prize at the Electrolux Design Lab 2014 competition. One of these semi-finalists could win an internship at an Electrolux Global Design Centre and €5,000.


Vote for your favourite design concepts at http://electroluxdesignlab.com/2014, and you just may win a trip for two to the finals to be held in Paris on 12 November.


Air Globe

Pei-Chih Deng

National Taipei University Of Technology, Taiwan


The Air Globe is an air purifier concept that can simulate the air of a designated area, so you can always enjoy the climate of your preference. The globe collects the real-time temperature, humidity, smell and sound of a climate anywhere in the world, and replicates it in your home. When you spin the globe and select a destination, you can access comprehensive global weather data and fill the room with the air.


Future Hunter-Gatherer

Pan Wang

Masters Industrial Design, China

Currently studying at Central Saint Martins, United Kingdom


Future Hunter-Gatherer is a virtual grocery shopping concept experience inspired by nature. It projects a hologram that lets the user play a game to gather food by fishing, hunting or gathering the food from nature. The food the user collects is then transmitted to the local grocery store or market that in turn gathers the goods and delivers them to the user’s door.


Vibrate Jelly Laundry

Jee Na Jun

IDAS (International Design School for Advanced Studies) Hongik University, South Korea


The Vibrate Jelly machine is a dry cleaning machine concept for the home that cleans clothes without using water or detergent, and the garment doesn’t even need to be dried. The concept uses the adhesive property of jelly to clean dirty clothes by vibration and smoothing wrinkles with sound waves. The dust is gathered to a dust container in the middle of the concept, which can then be emptied.


U Bubble

Chengyin Zhang

Jiangsu University, China


U-Bubble consists of bubbles that can store food and hover in the air. Each bubble is able to store different products, making sure tastes and odours are not mixed and each ingredient is stored optimally. The bubbles use magnetism to float in the air, and the transparent film that the bubbles are made of also works as an interactive screen. It can tell you when a product is about to expire, and also lets you connect with other users. The bubbles automatically recharge by docking with a wireless charger in the ceiling.

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