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Small hacks for quicker and better ironing


Ironing is not a chore many people enjoy, so cut down on the time you spend on it by finding the most efficient ways to get those wrinkles out.


Using the iron

A good quality iron can make a world of difference. A substandard iron can leave marks on clothing or require extra effort to remove wrinkles. Appliances like the Electrolux Ergosteam steam iron are designed to minimise effort in achieving wrinkle-free clothes, with its powerful 100g steam shot rate and anti-scale cartridge. The latter prevents scale build up in the iron, reducing the risk of leaving marks on clothing.

The Electrolux Ergosteam iron can deliver up to 100g of steam in one shot, guaranteed to get rid of any wrinkles.

If you’re travelling and need to use an iron you’re unfamiliar with, turn your clothes inside out before ironing to protect them. Or, just iron the back side only – the look may not be as crisp, but the difference won’t be too noticeable and any marks will not be seen on the front.


Iron in batches

Iron your clothing in batches. Half the time is usually taken up with preparation. Setting up the ironing board, filling the reservoir and so on.  So iron your laundry in one batch whenever you can.

By Adrian Clark
Iron your shirts in batches to save time on the chore.

It takes an iron longer to cool off than heat up, so start with the garments that require the lowest temperature and work your way up to those whose material require higher temperatures. This reduces the risk of damage to your clothes.


Watch the temperature

If you need to use steam, use the iron at its highest temperature setting. Anything under the middle setting will cause water to drip onto the clothing. For ironing at lower temperatures, use a spray bottle instead.


Err on the side of caution and use a lower temperature setting if you’re unsure of the clothing’s material.


Don’t leave impressions

Even if there is fabric over the buttons, don’t iron over, but around them. This could leave a permanent impression that would ruin the clothing’s look. If the piece of clothing is dirty, do not iron it, the stains will be set by the heat and it will be next to impossible to remove them.

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