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DIY your own upscale pizzas


Bring the pizza parlour home with homemade dough and a variety of luxury toppings. If you have an outdoor grill, you can even finish off the made-to-order pizzas on the grill for that fire-charred flavour.

Try kicking things up a notch on the luxury scale with cheeses like goat cheese, Burrata or Gorgonzola on your pizza.

The Dough

Pizza crust is one the most important aspects of the dish. While it might seem daunting or time-consuming, making your own dough is relatively straightforward and results in better flavour. Simply combine flour, salt, yeast, and water into dough that is rested for several hours. Use a stand mixer like the Electrolux EHSM2000 to knead the dough thoroughly and effortlessly.


It is said that cold-fermented dough provides better flavour, so allow it to slowly ferment and rise in the crisper compartment of your refrigerators.

The Electrolux Inspiration oven is designed to be able to bake multiple trays of food all at once.

When cooking the pizza, cranking up the oven to the highest temperature, between 230°C and 300°C will create that perfectly toasted crust. With ovens like the Electrolux Inspiration range that offer extra-large capacity cooking, baking multiple pizzas all at once is a breeze.


Upscale Pizza Toppings

Think beyond the usual and try some gourmet toppings. Instead of tomato sauce, use spreads like pesto, bacon jam, and Thai curry as a base for your pies. Swap out pepperoni for artisanal prosciutto or speck, or pick up some local sausages from your favourite shop.


For cheese, try goat, Burrata, and Gorgonzola instead of the classic mozzarella. Use sun-dried tomatoes or colourful cherry tomato varieties from the farmers market. You can also add interesting vegetables to the mix, such as squash blossoms, kale, corn, and roasted garlic.


Pizza Pairings
When it comes to pairing beverages with pizza, look for light and refreshing drinks with medium acidity to help cut through the rich and earthy flavours that sauces and cheese tend to have.


Full bodied wines with medium- to high-acidity work well in cutting through some of the hearty flavours of pizza, as do sparkling wines. Light and refreshing beers or a hoppy pale ale will also pair well with the herb flavours in the pizza.

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