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Expecting the unexpected guests


We usually plan for parties or out of town guests way in advance, and have ample time to prepare. But what happens when a friend who happens to be in the neighbourhood stops by unexpectedly? Keeping an open door policy without the fuss isn’t hard with the right preparation.


Simple beverages and nibbles
Depending on your guest’s preference, keep a handy tea set and tray on hand, or stock your home bar with some common liqueurs, mixers and wines.

By Amy Nichols
Keep some packaged nibbles on hand with a tea set and you’re ready to entertain guests at any time during the day.


If your guest is popping by in the day, a tray, tea set, sugar cubes and packaged cookies are more than enough for serving afternoon tea.


If they’d prefer something alcoholic, a bar stocked with the basics – vodka, gin, a good single malt scotch and a bottle of red and white wine each – is enough to mix up a good cocktail. Just keep sparkling water, citrus fruit and a juice in the fridge. Keep nibbles like nuts and chips handy in the pantry to serve with your drinks.


Memorise a few easy recipes

For guests that are dropping by for dinner, keep it simple. Pasta is always an easy option – simply cook with bottled sauce and grate some parmesan over it.


If you’ve already cooked dinner for yourself, you can stretch it by serving divided portions over pasta or serving them with easy-to-cook sides like mashed potatoes or blanched spinach. Use microwaves like the Electrolux  EMS2540X with its Auto Cook programs that make it easy to quickly blanch vegetable dishes. This helps to preserve more nutrients for a healthier dinner.


Maintain your rooms

The Electrolux Ergorapido is designed for ad hoc cleaning – perfect for last minute clean ups for unexpected stayovers.

A regular cleaning routine helps to keep the home clean and inviting for guests, even unexpected ones. Try to keep things clutter free, or use appliances like the Electrolux Ergorapido, ideally designed for ad hoc grab and go cleaning, for a quick last minute clean if needed.


If you have a guest room, always ensure the bed is made up for guests, and keep a few extra clean towels on hand.

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