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Good pho meals: the secret to great Vietnamese-style noodles.


Vietnam’s national dish, pho, is an international favourite. Giving these noodles in broth an authentic flavour can be a bit of an art. But you don’t have to move to Vietnam to figure out how.

The secret is in the stock

By Alpha
The secret to a good bowl of pho lies in its soup stock.

Good pho broth is made from parboiling beef bones, and knowing how to extract and harness the flavour from the bone is very important.

The bone needs to be blanched in order to remove impurities as well as to keep the broth clear and flavourful. Blanch it for 30 to 60 seconds, then rinse in cold water and put it back into the pot. Bring the water in it up to a slow boil. Induction hobs like the Electrolux EHH6332FOK are ideal if you need to maintain a steady heat. The hob’s intuitive touch controls ensure complete ease of control over your cooking anytime.

Use different kinds of bones to suit your preferences. Marrow, oxtail or knuckle bones will give the most flavour. Neck and shank bones have high collagen content as well as good flavour.

Herbs and vegetables

By Kimberly Vardeman
Garnish your pho with herbs and vegetables like bean sprouts, basil and lime.

Other components in the broth include onions, ginger, sugar, cinnamon, star anise, clove and cardamom. It helps to caramelise the onions – it doesn’t just make the broth tastier, it also heightens the flavour of the ginger.

The pho should be served with lots of herbs and vegetables. Create different textures, like bean sprouts, basil and lime. When ladling in the soup, let the herbs steep in them for a bit to bring out their aromatic flavours.

The noodles
If you’re cooking at home, never use egg noodles – it just won’t taste the same. Always use rice noodles, dried or fresh is up to you.

Blanch the noodles and make sure you don’t overcook them. Put them in a warmed bowl and top with raw meat, then add the garnishes. Ladle in the broth on the side, bringing it up to a level that just covers the meat.

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