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Adding a touch of class to common comfort foods


The old favourites we turn to when we need some culinary comfort aren’t usually the most refined. But it’s easy to class them up with some fancier ingredients for a dinner party or special occasion while keeping them deliciously familiar.


Fried rice

By Ron Dollete
Adding XO sauce to fried rice gives it an extra premium kick.

Level up this common stir-fried comfort food with XO sauce, a premium spicy seafood sauce made from scallops, shrimp, Jinhua ham, garlic, chili and canola oil. You can also add fresh seafood like scallops and prawns.


When frying the rice, use a cooking hob like the Electrolux Brio, whose wok burner can achieve the temperatures found in restaurants and street stalls. This will aid in giving the rice the smoky “wok-hei” taste sought after by gourmands in the know.



Don’t just stick to the usual chicken or beef with your curries. The beauty of this dish is its ability to accommodate a variety of ingredients. The world’s most expensive curry incorporates lobster, caviar and even edible gold.


You don’t need to go to that extent for homemade foods, but do consider using fresh spices and good cuts of meat to give your curries that extra kick. Using blenders like the Electrolux EBR2700 with its mill grinder accessory makes it easy to grind fresh spices for use in cooking.



Rather than using the usual instant noodle varieties, consider making your own tonkotsu (pork) broth at home. Simply up your game with your stock ingredients.  For some ideas, high end ramen restaurants are putting crab, clams, beef tendons and dried shrimp into their noodles.


Mac and cheese

By snowpea&bokchoi
Use some real cheese like Taleggio with macaroni to take mac n cheese to the next level. 

Mac and cheese is good, no matter what the occasion. But the key to making it great is swapping the in-a-packet powder for real, high-quality cheese like Taleggio and Parmesan. Add in prosciutto and truffles for an extra special treat.

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