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Better garment steaming techniques for your fabrics


Whether you’re looking for a better way to keep your clothing in tip-top condition or simply looking for a better alternative to ironing, garment steaming might be for you.

The Electrolux Ergosteam garment steamer can operate up to 75 minutes without running out of water.


Steaming with garment steamers like the Electrolux Ergosteam is ideal for people who hate ironing or want to save on hefty dry cleaning bills. It has three steam control settings for different types of fabrics like silk, cotton and fur/linen , making it easy to keep any item in excellent shape for its next use.


Delicate fabrics

Take extra care when it comes to delicate fabrics such as silk or cashmere. Always hold it about an inch away from the item and ensure that the steamer head does not touch the fabric.  When steaming materials such as velvet or suede, steam from the reverse side.


Regular fabrics

When it comes to regular clothing such as cotton blouses, never steam on a flat surface. Hang the item before steaming so that gravity can help you pull out the wrinkles. Hang trousers by the cuffs for maximum efficiency while steaming.


All you need to do is run the steamer lightly down the fabric. Keep the head of the steamer upright when steaming so the moisture runs down the hose and back into the machine instead of on the garment. Never press the steamer on the fabric – this could saturate the area with steam and damage the item.


Heavy fabrics

It is much easier to steam heavy fabrics such as denim jeans, jackets, curtains and table cloths. To be effective at it, always steam both sides of the garment.

By Perry Goh
It’s easier to steam the wrinkles out of heavy fabrics like denim than to iron them.

You’ll need to steam such items for a longer time, so remember to always keep an eye on the water level in the steamer. Running out of water while steaming could damage the heating element in the steamer. The Electrolux Ergosteam steamer comes with an extra-large 2.1L water tank that allows up to 75 minutes of continuous steaming if needed.


This makes wrinkle removal from your heavy fabrics far simpler, giving you the perfect alternative to the iron.


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