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Keeping your home clean – without cleaning


Is your cleaning routine tiring you out?  Find out how you can minimise both dirt and the need to clean, by simply observing a few regular habits.


Upright vacuums like the Ergorapido make it easy to clean on an ad hoc basis. 

Wipe every surface after use

The longer you allow stains, grime and dirt to build up, the harder they’ll be to clean. Give every used surface a wipe to keep things clean in the long term.  Or think long term when buying appliances, the Electrolux EGT7627CK cooking hob for example, features a tempered glass surface that makes cleaning as easy as using a towel and water.


Don’t let dishes pile up

The compact Electrolux ESF2433W dishwasher makes it easy to wash up after every meal.

Taking a few minutes to wash a few dishes after use is better than trying to wash an entire week’s worth of utensils and cutlery at once. The compact Electrolux ESF2433W RealLife freestanding dishwasher makes it even easier to wash up your dishes after every meal in an eco-friendly manner.


Dust and vacuum in small bursts

Take a few minutes to dust or vacuum two to three times a week. This saves the need to do a thorough, longer clean on your off days. The Electrolux Ergorapido upright vacuum is designed for such a scenario, with its grab and go design allowing easy access to ad-hoc cleaning.


Put things back

This prevents stacks of magazines, books, toys and other everyday items from piling up in your living areas. This makes it easier to keep things clean and prevent panic-filled rushes to clean up for surprise guests.


Don’t let things collect

It’s easy to let stacks of mail and newspapers pile up over time. Create a system for sorting and tossing whatever you don’t need.


Do the same with other household items, such as extra sheets or graters. Save yourself space and the need to maintain them and remove them from the house.

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