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Bring extra flavour to your meals with heirloom tomatoes


Heirloom tomato: a variety that has been around for decades and grows true from the seed. They run the gamut in colour and more importantly, taste.


These are the tomatoes that can bring your cuisine to life – exploding with flavour, dripping with juice and seeds and in many cases, strikingly coloured. Storing them in a refrigerator like the Electrolux NutriFresh with its Nutrilight function can help make their colours more vibrant and enhance their vitamin content to provide you with better nutrition.



By Jay & Melissa Malouin

Bright yellow with a citrusy tang that reminds you that tomatoes are actually fruits, not vegetables. Limmony is a Russian heirloom tomato that has a zestier flavour than most yellow tomatoes, which are typically quite mild and have low acidity. It may also be labelled as “Lemony”.


Green Zebra

By Pattle

The skin of this tomato resembles a watermelon rind, and its taste is a little bit tart and spicy. The “zebra” moniker will be apparent on first glance with its colour striations that run vertically through the tomato. It is a beefsteak tomato, meaning the fruit is large and slices well for use on sandwiches or burgers hot off the grill. Or, for a colorful variation on the classic Caprese salad, use these multi-colored tomatoes along with some purple basil in it.


Black Krim

By Alex Schwab

Purplish-black, often with streaks of green, Black Krim is one of the tastiest varieties. It has a smoky, salty aftertaste that is earthy and not overly acidic. Use Black Krim tomatoes to go far beyond the usual grilled cheese sandwich. Sprinkle a dash of salt and pepper over thick slices of tomato, then arrange them on a crusty slice of fresh French bread. Top the tomatoes with hefty slices of mozzarella and fresh basil leaves, then add a top slice of bread and toast the whole sandwich in a frying pan until it’s just barely golden.



By « RWεnα »

One of the most popular heirloom tomatoes, Brandywine is found in a variety of colours, including pink, purple and yellow. The classic red Brandywine has a pure, tomato taste that is almost floral. These large tomatoes have a perfect balance between acidic bite and sweet aftertaste. Use them to whip up a batch of fresh tomato sauce that turns ordinary pasta, meat or fish into something special.

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